Arduino Hyderabad User Group

After frantically searching for a dedicated Arduino user group in Hyderabad, we set upon creating our own:!forum/arduino-hug

Task 1, Gather (more and more) like minded Arduino/Embedded Systems tinkerers.
Task 2, Start meeting and share/break electronics together.
Task 3, Give free sessions on Arduino to newcomers.
Task 4, GoTo Task 1 !!!


Author: Anwaarullah

Designer, Developer, Maker, Speaker, Educator and Dreamer. ♥ Tinkering with Embedded, Android, Open Soft/Hard/Firm ware, Robotics and 3D Printer. Talk to me at syed {Shift+2} anwaarullah dash com

4 thoughts on “Arduino Hyderabad User Group”

    1. Hi Sai, I’ve been working to setup a Makerspace/Hackerspace at our Lab PotentialLab and will migrate members of the Arduino Hyderabad Group over there. I’d request you to join the group on FB. We’ll be having our first meet in Jan. See you around 🙂

      1. It’s good to hear, really intrested to join the meet and be a part of the arduino community, by the way I’m a Open Hardware Enthusiast, we have a team that work on Open hardware with the great support of Free Software Community and FreedomBox Community in Hyderabad. This month we started working on arduino and IOT and we would like to contribute to the arduino community.

  1. Awesome! I’ve come across a demo of the FreedomBox using Raspberry Pi on some Linux forums. I believe you’re part of the same thing (an Intex Power Bank connected to a Pi, with a WiFi dongle).

    Would love to have you with us and contribute to FOSS and OSHW.

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