How to use Chrome’s serial API to talk with Arduino

This is amazing!!! A whole new hacks and possibilites!!!

Check out:


Author: Anwaarullah

Designer, Developer, Maker, Speaker, Educator and Dreamer. ♥ Tinkering with Embedded, Android, Open Soft/Hard/Firm ware, Robotics and 3D Printer. Talk to me at syed {Shift+2} anwaarullah dash com

One thought on “How to use Chrome’s serial API to talk with Arduino”

  1. Syed Anwarullah I am a regular follower of your blog. I find it a source of inspiration and appreciate all the sharing you do of your work.

    I’d like to inform that I’ve written a tutorial on connecting Chrome to a chipKIT Digilent UNO32 board with Basic I/O shield. Chrome serial reads from and writes to UNO32. You can follow the tutorial at my blog Redacacia:

    The post has all the code. I have also posted a video on Youtube (also embedded in my tutorial)

    I will appreciate any feedback.

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