NOOBS introduced for RasPi

If downloading an Image, formatting it on a SD card and booting the image off the Pi wasn’t already easier, folks from the RasPi have come up with NOOBS for the RPi NOOBS 🙂

A single file (approx 1GB) that you now need to install on a freshly formatted SD card. After plugging it in the Pi and powering it up, it’ll present you with sleek bootup options including the choice to install one of the several operating systems into the SD card. And Voila, you’ve a RPi up and running.

A good feature that I liked about this app is it allows you to edit the config.txt and cmdline.txt by holding the Shift button on reboot.

To download and read more about this, head on to:



Author: Anwaarullah

Designer, Developer, Maker, Speaker, Educator and Dreamer. ♥ Tinkering with Embedded, Android, Open Soft/Hard/Firm ware, Robotics and 3D Printer. Talk to me at syed {Shift+2} anwaarullah dash com

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