SyedTips – Short tidbits from my knowledge and experiences

Hey Makers & Readers,

‘ve been thinking for a long time to share quick tips and tricks (and lessons learnt) from my daily experiences of being a Tinkerpreneur (aka Hacker tinkering with anything I can lay my hands on) and would use the hastag #SyedTips (Yo 😛 )

I have so much “useless” knowledge in my Brains which I’d like to dump off and recover some free space.

I’ve been inspired by my Ustaad Shaikh Yawar Baig, who through his daily short and sweet Fajr Reminders audio podcasts have shared massive knowledge, lessons and life experiences, management tips, business lessons, Entrepreneurship lessons, advice, etc etc etc which now is a coveted treasure and is easily now many thousands of podcasts hours combined.

I’ve also recently signed up for Adafruit’s daily tip newsletter ( and love those daily tips.

I’ll be tipping on a lot of topics and will start categorizing them as this thing grows. You’re encouraged to point out any mistakes I make and/or add in your extra tips as long as it revolves around that particular tip’s context.

I might also jump off into video tips, though that will take some time (and will feature on my YouTube channel).

Read my first #SyedTip here 🙂

Disclaimer: Most of my Tips will be from my experiences and knowledge (and may occasionally be incorrect or outdated). Please advise caution when using some of these tips and do the necessary background research/work. I take no responsibility, whatsoever for any damages/destruction arising out of my Tips. #StupidNecessaryDisclaimer




Author: Anwaarullah

Designer, Developer, Maker, Speaker, Educator and Dreamer. ♥ Tinkering with Embedded, Android, Open Soft/Hard/Firm ware, Robotics and 3D Printer. Talk to me at syed {Shift+2} anwaarullah dash com

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