Teardown -1 – Casio Scientific Calci – FX991ES / FX570ES

The FX570ES is functionally identical to the FX991ES except that the 570ES has a AAA battery whereas the 991ES has button cells.



I owned both of these during my engineering days and is arguably now the only proof that I actually did my Engineering 😛

Here’s the teardown:

The missing controller blob!

img_20160918_003024 img_20160918_003037



^ Missing the controller blob!

img_20160918_003445 img_20160918_003451

I really can’t do a detailed tech analysis as the main controller blob is misssing. So apart from the obvious buttons and LCD and Battery, there ain’t anything to look into

I did this teardown on my broken Calci, notice the cracked screen 😛

More teardowns coming soon.



Author: Anwaarullah

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