Thanks dear readers/makers for your support

It’s been more than a year since I originally wrote those (in)famous articles on Directly Accessing the Raspberry Pi (Article 1 and 2). My site has seen an average of 50+ visitors and 75+ page views daily. I’ve never expected such a huge response:

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Devon Tread 1 Concept Watch

This was an amazing concept watch which Aman Ahuja wants me to build in a larger and fancier model using mircocontrollers.


I should serioulsly think of making one using rollers, belts and motors. It surely will look elegant and Awesome!!!

Thanks Aman for the link 🙂

Two things that prevent from being Happy

Two things prevent you from happiness; living in the past and observing others. So many spouses have a miserable marital life because they are unable to forget. The past haunts them while they are themselves negligent of their own shortcomings and faults. Many Muslims lead a miserable life because they can’t bear the idea of others enjoying things they don’t have. Envy is like wildfire; burning itself. It leaves the person restless and living in pain and agony. Learn to move away from the past and to appreciate what you have without envying others.

Shaik Assim Ul Hakeem

OpenSourcing Myself !!!

I’ve always wanted to blog and share what I do, but as they say, planting the first brick is the most difficult part. And here it is. 🙂

I’ll blog about technology, religion, my many hands on experiences with new gadgets, programming tips and tricks, circuit diagrams, presentations links, philanthropic ideas and initiatives and lot.

And most importantly, share all my ‘gyaan’ with the world as I’m a staunch believer of open source and being open.

My posts will be random initially, but will get more organized over time as I get more comfortable managing a blog.

I’d like to close my first post by quoting these last lines from a poem by Robert Frost:

The woods are lovely dark and deep,
And I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep!!!