Externally powering the DragonBoard 410C – #SyedTips – 1

I recently got access to a DragonBoard 410c and started hooking it up at 4 in the morning. After flashing the OS over to the SD Card, to my utter dismay, the DC input jack wouldn’t allow a standard DC barrel to fit in. I was furious since this barrel adapter didn’t come with the box either.

img_20160909_011728 img_20160909_011901

However, there’s always another way 🙂

Now, there’s a mini USB port, which *can* be used to power up from a 5V USB port. However, the 410C doesn’t support powering up the board through this 5V port. Here’s why it doesn’t:


Notice the above section talk about using an onboard SYS_DCIN pin available on the Low Speed Expansion Connector that can be used to power the board externally.


Use any one of the SYS_DCIN and GND pin and wire it up to DC Adapter  with SYS_DCIN going to the +ve terminal. These pins are those adjacent to the Analog Expansion. Supports 6.5V to 18V.


And the Dragon Breathes at 5 in the morning! (notice the first boot from SD Card flashing process taking place. After this, you can simply remove the SD card as the OS is now flashed onto the onboard eMMC).


Now that we got it running, I figured out there has to be a better way to do this.

DC-DC Connector-Converter:

I got one of these this evening from a computer store and it’s marked “G”. These are usually called as Laptop Charger pin adapters and should be available at most computer/spares stores. This should now do the trick in a more aesthetic way.

img_20160909_011933 img_20160909_011951 img_20160909_012400_024

Thanks 🙂