Migrating Website (& eCommerce/OpenCart) over to HTTPS – SyedTips – 9

Caution: This by no means is a step-by-step or exhaustive guide on installing SSL Certs on your website. This will simply share some notes I made yesterday while migrating my site over to HTTPS. Exercise extreme caution. I’m not responsible (in any way whatsover) for any loss or fall in rankings or loss of revenue or downtime due to application of notes. I caution because I’m not a Web expert and I don’t understand the ramifications of experimenting with this. Hence, this post is only for Educational purposes 🙂

I spent almost the whole of my new year 2017 Day 1 migrating over from http://potentiallabs.com to https://potentiallabs.com  and likewise moving our main eCommerce Store (running off OpenCart) over to https://potentiallabs.com/cart