Two things that prevent from being Happy

Two things prevent you from happiness; living in the past and observing others. So many spouses have a miserable marital life because they are unable to forget. The past haunts them while they are themselves negligent of their own shortcomings and faults. Many Muslims lead a miserable life because they can’t bear the idea of others enjoying things they don’t have. Envy is like wildfire; burning itself. It leaves the person restless and living in pain and agony. Learn to move away from the past and to appreciate what you have without envying others.

Shaik Assim Ul Hakeem


Author: Anwaarullah

Designer, Developer, Maker, Speaker, Educator and Dreamer. ♥ Tinkering with Embedded, Android, Open Soft/Hard/Firm ware, Robotics and 3D Printer. Talk to me at syed {Shift+2} anwaarullah dash com

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